Festival Coral Argentino - Salta - Argentina

Contestants from the Festival Coral Argentino 2006

The 2006 edition was carried out on October from the 20th to the 22th, it consisted on 19 choruses (550 singers) from Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. The concerts were performed in Churches San Alfonso, La Viña and Del Huerto Theatre.

  • Coral Pilar St. John’s (Buenos Aires-Argentina) conducted by Master Rodolfo Dorio
  • Gaudium Chorus (Salta-Argentina) conducted by Master Julio Reynaga
  • Sólo Música Chorus (Arias-Córdoba-Argentina) conducted by Master Guillermo Garay
  • Preludio Chorus (Jujuy-Argentina) conducted by Professor Isolda Sánchez
  • Renacer Chorus (Salta-Argentina) conducted by Master Adolfo Onetto
  • Chorus from El Trébol (Santa Fe-Argentina) conducted by Master Jorge Céspedes
  • Chorus from Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico (Córdoba-Argentina) conducted by Professor Alejandra Seimandi
  • Polifónico local Chorus from Freyre (Córdoba-Argentina) conducted by Master Juan Pablo Caminos
  • First University Chorus (Salta-Argentina) conducted by Professor Cecilia Cafrune
  • Cantata Piamontesa (San Francisco-Córdoba-Argentina) conducted by Master Leandro Gatti
  • Esencia Chorus (Salta-Argentina) conducted by Master Adolfo Onetto
  • Polifónico Chorus of the Province (Catamarca-Argentina) conducted by Professor Mabel Cavallieri
  • Cantares Polyphonic Chorus (Brinkman-Córdoba-Argentina) conducted by Master Andrés Karlen
  • Coral del Despacho de la Presidencia (Caracas-Venezuela) conducted by  Master Carlos Malavé
  • Local Chorus of Sayana (Oncativo-Córdoba-Argentina), conducted by Master Daniel Orona
  • Vocal de Cámara Tésis (Salta-Argentina) conducted by Master Edgardo Lindow
  • Kamay Chorus(Jujuy-Argentina) conducted by Professor Isolda Sánchez
  • Coral Salta (Salta-Argentina) conducted by Professor Cecilia Cafrune
  • Chorus from the  Universidade Federal de Itajubá (Minas Gerias-Brasil) conducted by Master  Amaury Vieyra

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