Festival Coral Argentino - Salta - Argentina

Festival Coral Argentino 2017 (Argentinean Choral Festival-International-Salta Argentina)

An organized event by the Esencia Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural Esencia) from Salta (Argentina).


The current Argentinean Choral Festival that is realized annually in the city of Salta, was created to meet up people who appreciate through music, the cultural and human growth. It is supported by the Declaration of Cultural Interest of the Government.


  • To facilitate a room of development of choral and personal communication.
  • To contribute to a cultural growth between the contestants and the public.
  • To present and to spread the characteristics of each chorus and its origin.


The “Argentinean Choral Festival” was declared of Cultural Interest by the Government of the Province of Salta.


The “Argentinean Choral Festival”, 2017 edition, will be carrying out from October (6 to 7) and Nobember (10 to 11).


To request information please complete the form found on the Contact link.

Registration 2017:

Registration open from the 1st of march.

Places of Choral Concerts:

Theatre of the Casa de la Cultura.

Activities during the festival:

-Round Table of Directors.
-Comradeship dinner.

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